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Utilizes computerized sewing machines that reproduce your artwork or logo. Your artwork or logo needs to be digitized. An experienced digitizing programmer needs to re-create your logo/artwork. This cost can range from $25 – on up depending on the detail of your logo/artwork.

Due to this expense, it is cost effective to Embroider quantities of 12 or more.
Costs associated with embroidery are the cost of “digitizing” and the total number of “stitches” per shirt needed for your order. Ordering large quantities helps offset the cost. If you’re looking to have a small quantity you may want to consider having it screen printed instead.

The costs are based on how many stitches are needed for the image. The larger the image the more stitches. If you have a logo with large filled areas, you can expect for your cost to be more than doing just text.

In order to embroider an image onto a garment the image must first be digitized into an embroidery format that our computerized embroidery machines can read. The digitizing of an image can be simple to very complicate depending on the size and the detail of the image. When an image is digitized, our experts use a digitizing computer program that assist in accurately converting your logo or electronic artwork into a system of stitches that the embroidery machine can read. Monogramming (doing text) is much cheaper to digitize. The digitizing cost is based on the number of stitches in the final image.