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*Four Color Process – This is a technique where four primary colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Black – or CMYK) are used to reproduce a full color image. This proces lends itself to full color photographic or digitally created designs because many shades and colors can be created with only four screens. 4-color process printing can produce some color variation. The colors on your T-shirt may vary slightly from the colors in the digital file. Although the colors are usually pretty close to the original file we cannot guarantee 100% color accuracy. Replacement is only at our discretion.

**Halftones – As you may know, color shading is achieved by using halftones (tiny dots of varying size). The issue being what appears very smooth on a computer screen can look a bit grainy when printed on a T-shirt. In garment printing we must use a larger size dot pattern than other printing media, usually about 42 lines-per-inch (compared to newsprint which uses 65 lines-per-inch). This is a very effective way to simulate varying shades of color using a single shade. I just need to let you know about our process so you don’t have unrealistic expectations of what we can produce on a T-shirt using screen printing.